for the barbies out there…

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I ended up having that girly girl follow me home on friday night, she just moans and moans and only cares about clothes shopping.

She buys loads of clothes from primark and for some reason thinks I should do the same. why? Why do I have to wear what she wants me to wear???? I don’t tell her what clothes to wear and how to do her hair. weird!!!!!

I don’t care what she does, just cos my mum thinks she’s a ‘lovely girl’ doesn’t actually mean that she is, my mum doesn’t know this girl very well and probably thinks she’s the same as when we were at nursery school, I don’t think my mum cares if she’s nice or not, just wants me to be the same as her, yet if she knew what a moo she was maybe she would change her mind.

People are weird!

Mini me!

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I made a mini me!

it’s even got stripy socks and a black t-shirt.

I put up a piccy tomorrow.

That means I now have two puppets – I might try animating them to practice with.

My Iya plushie

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here’s me making my first plushie.

I’m not very good at sewing but it’s ok.

I printed my drawing and ironed it onto an old tshirt. then sewed it up at the sides.

clara sewing Iya plushie

Me sewing Iya plushie

Iya plushie

Iya plushie


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When I dream I see Iya with me.

bit like that film the Golden compass. the little animals were the souls of the children but Iya has her own soul. She’s just a friend.

She also eats my enemies lol, I wish!


I want to make an animation of me and Iya being together, maybe I could get Iya to growl at the moaners!


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why do people keep moaning? They moan at me to be more like them

if they moan all the time then why would I want to be the same as them?


my favorite drawing

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This is the creature I want to make for my animation.

She’s called an Iya.

I really like these plushie which was made from a children’s drawing.

plushie by Lizette Greco

Children's drawing plushie by Lizette Greco

I want to try to make my Iya creature like this one.

here’s my drawings of her.

sketch of iya

sketch of iya


a better drawing of Iya


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I’ve decided to start a blog on how I make my own stop motion animations.

I love Nightmare before Christmas and Coraline and I have lots of ideas to make my own.

I don’t know much about it but I figure that’s where everyone else starts!